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Damon Huard has been one of the biggest stories in the NFL this season, with his stellar performance for the Kansas City Chiefs since taking over at quarterback for the injured Trent Green. Huard, who started five games for the Dolphins in 1999 but was beaten down for the starting job by Jay Fiedler the following year, talked to the South Florida media on Wednesday.

Q: Youre' good friends with Dan Marino. Have you rubbed it in that you got two Super Bowl rings with New England?

Huard: "No, by no means, are you kidding me? But I did lobby the one year (Tom) Brady got hurt in the Pittsburgh game, the AFC Championship, I did lobby to Coach (Bill) Belichick if Tom wasn't ready to go we should go sign Dan to get him on the roster so we could get him a SB ring."

Q: How tough a time did you have the last five years as a backup never getting the chance to play?

Huard: "A tough time? I don't know. It's an honor to play in this league. There's only 32 teams and maybe 90 quarterbacks. I've always realized that you look across the league every Sunday it seems like a quarterback goes down. I always prepared and stayed focused, and realized more than likely if I'm on a roster at some point of time I'm going to get a chance to play. I don't think I ever lost focus and stayed up to par on all my preparation and all that kind of stuff so, no, by no means was I bitter or anything like that over the five years, no."

Q: Do you ever think about how your life might have been different had Dave Wannstedt picked you as the starter in 2000 instead of Jay Fiedler?

Huard: "I don't think how my life would've been different, I'm not one to really look back on the past but certainly that was something that I hoped that I would've gotten that job but for some reason or another it didn't happen and that's the way it is. I moved on. I went to New England and obviously I didn't play muc,h but I was part of two world championships, so I never look back and regret or what if. I'm really not one of those people."

Q: Has anything you've done this season compared to that 1999 game when you came off the bench and rallied the Dolphins to a victory at New England?

Huard: "That was a pretty special moment, certainly that was the first time I ever really played. To go out there on the road at New England, to start off the way I did and we did and then to come back and win that game in the closing seconds, that certainly was right up there with one of my biggest highlights so far in my career. These last few weeks have really been a lot of fun, I think beating the Seahawks the fourth-quarter comeback, beating my hometown that was pretty special. They're all special, when you win them in this league you've got to enjoy it. That's the one thing I'm really trying to do this season and right now. Everyone's talking what's going to happen next week or next year, I'm really trying to enjoy the moment and focus on it and just try to help the Chiefs win football games."

Q: Is it easier to produce when you're playing on such a balanced offense?

Huard: "Yeah, I'm surrounded by a great cast of characters. I got Larry Johnson, arguably the best running back in football. I got a Hall of Famer throwing to at tight end in Tony Gonzalez and we've got great receivers on the outside, Eddie Kennison and Samie Parker, we got an offensive line with maybe a couple of Hall of Famers, Will Shields, Brian Waters, who's probably not going to play this week, Casey Wiegmann -- it's a great offense and it's been very productive in this league over the past five years, so I just try to go out there and keep the ship going."

Q: Do you go into games with the mind-set that you just don't want to mess up?

Huard: "Just go into every game just seeing, what do we need to do this week to win the football game? If that means being aggressive or managing the game. The game plan each week is a little bit different and the focus is a little bit different so … at the end of the day it's about winning the football game and doing whatever it takes to do it."

Q: Are you OK with being called a caretaker or a manager of the game?

Huard: "It depends on the game. There's games you turn it over, the other team gets the lead, there are games you're down 14 points you're throwing the ball 40 times a game coming from behind. I think we had to do that this year, there have been games like that. I think my time in Miami we were more of a ball-control offense and we had an unbelievable defense. We didn't do a whole heckuva lot offensively. But here this offense is very dynamic. We strive for balance. When we have that balance, and are able to run it and throw it, that's when we're best and that's when we've been at our best this year, but I think each week the situation dictates whether you're a manager or somewhat aggressive. At the end of the day it's about, what does the quarterback position do to win the game that Sunday?"

Q: Have these past few weeks been like a dream for you?

Huard: "I wouldn't say it's been like a dream. I've always believed in myself and believed that I could play in this league and win football games if my number was called. I kept that attitude all along and I think that's helped prepare me for this situation and this opportunity. Is it a dream? No. I've been on some great teams and been behind some great players, now I'm part of another really good team, so you just go out there and play the game you've always played. I've been doing this since junior high, so it's the game of football, it's the greatest game there is."

Q: Have you thought about what's going to happen when Trent Green is healthy enough to return from his concussion?

Huard: "I'm really not worried about tomorrow or next week, I'm really focused on the task at hand. I do know this week I'm the starting quarterback against the Dolphins and that's all that I know honestly and that's my focus. You can't worry about things in the future here or whatever. What happens or whatever Coach Edwards decides to do, I'm 100 completely and 100 percent behind him and his decisions. I'm just all about the Chiefs winning football games."

Q: Are you going into Sunday's game looking for some revenge against the Dolphins?

Huard: "Not really. Again I'm not really motivated by that sort of thing. Certainly it'll be fun to go down there and see Zach and Jason and Olindo. So much has changed there since I was there six years ago, it's a totally different team, the coaches, different culture in a lot of ways. Mr. Huizenga was very good to me in my time down there. I'd love to get a chance to say hi to him and Dan will be up in New York, but I have so many great memories of my time down there, it was where my career started and I'm very thankful for the opportunity as an undrafted free agent that Jimmy Johnson gave me and then being able to make the team and be a starter for him awhile -- great experience, great time and I look forward to coming down there. But by no means is there some sort of justification or bittersweetness if we win."

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