Here's a breakdown of how every unit on the Dolphins performed in the 24-7 preseason loss to the New Orleans Saints.

QUARTERBACKS — The Dolphins threw five interceptions. That should tell you everything you need to know about the work of this unit. Jay Fiedler was dreadful and Tim Levcik wasn't that much better. Ray Lucas led the Dolphins' only touchdown drive, but he couldn't get anything generated in the second half. Overall, this was bad. Grade: D-

RUNNING BACKS — For the second consecutive game, the Dolphins running game generated very little. Ricky Williams finished with only 17 yards on eight carries, although he did a nice 8-yard gain in the second quarter. Robert Edwards got some playing time in the second quarter, but he aggravated his groin injury. The most impressive back on the ground was Marlon Barnes, who probably won't make the team, but he dropped two short passes. Not an impressive effort overall. Grade: D

RECEIVERS — Rookie tight end Randy McMichael had the play of the game for the Dolphins, but this unit also didn't have a great night. Chris Chambers dropped a catchable ball in the first half and Robert Baker also failed to come up with a couple of catchable balls. McMichael, who had four catches, was the only bright spot here. Grade: D+

OFFENSIVE LINE — The lack of a running game again was partly a product of the line not producing many holes, and the pass protection wasn't as good as it was against Tampa Bay. The Dolphins also were called a couple of times for illegal formation or false starts. Brent Smith was badly beaten on a speed rush in the second half, while Jamie Nails was beaten up the middle on back-to-back plays in the first half. Grade: D+

DEFENSIVE LINE — The Dolphins didn't generate nearly as much of a pass rush as they did against Tampa Bay, but they played much better against the run. No Dolphins player really stood out at this spot, though. Grade: C

LINEBACKERS — With Zach Thomas, Tommy Hendricks and Scott Galyon all sitting out, the young players got a lot of playing time, and Justin Seaverns was the one who made the most of it. He was very active and came up with a couple of nice plays. Derrick Rodgers also had a nice play in the first half, while fellow starter Morlon Greenwood was very quiet. Grade: C

DEFENSIVE BACKS — The Dolphins did a somewhat respectable job in pass coverage, and safety Shawn Wooden came up with the defensive play of the game with an interception late in the first half. Patrick Surtain was badly beaten by Jake Reed on a crossing route in the first half, and that's something that doesn't happen very often. Jamar Fletcher was flagged for holding on a play where the Dolphins had come up with a fumble recovery. The secondary didn't have a great night, but compared to the other units on the team it was splendid. Grade: B

SPECIAL TEAMS — Coach Dave Wannstedt saw he was embarrassed by the play of the special teams, and he had every reason to be. It was simply awful. The most glaring mistake, of course, was the blocked punt where the Dolphins allowed Fred McAfee to simply run through the middle of the line to get to Mark Royals. The other problem was a ridiculous number of penalties, from illegal formations to holding. Grade: F

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