Here's what Mark Dixon and Jamie Nails had to say about the changes on the offensive line, which saw Nails inserted into the starting lineup and Dixon moved from left guard to left tackle.

Nails on hether he expected to be a starter at the beginning of camp: "I just expected to come in and compete and do the best that I could. Now that it (becoming a starter) has happened, I have to do everything I can to maintain that position."

Nails on how it feels to be named a starter after being out of football last year: "It feels good to be back starting again, but if it helps us win, great. If it doesn't, then somebody else needs to be in there to help us win."

Dixon on the move from guard to tackle: "There won't be as much pounding and I'm not going to see as much power, but I will have to deal with much more speed. It is hard for me to say the biggest adjustment until I get out there and see where I am at physically."

On how practicing against Jason Taylor will help the process: "It will certainly help me because I am facing, who I consider, the best in the league. But it might not help the coaches' confidence. It's going to be an adjustment period. I have to get in there and see what it is all about. The thing about Jason, and why I have always liked playing against him, is he plays so hard every day."

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