The Dolphins are low on selections in the 2003 draft, but they picked up an extra pick on Tuesday when they traded offensive tackle Cornell Green to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Green didn't seem to have much of a chance to make the roster anyway, so Coach Dave Wannstedt figured he'd pick up at least a seventh-round pick instead of simply waiving Green at some point before the start of the regular season.

The Dolphins will give up a third-round pick to New Orleans next April as part of the trade for Ricky Williams, and that pick will become a second-rounder if Williams rushes for at least 1,200 yards and a first-rounder if Williams reaches 1,500 yards.

The Dolphins also will be without a fourth-round pick, having sent it to Carolina in the trade for defensive end Jay Williams.

Finally, the Dolphins will owe the Chicago Bears a sixth-round pick as the final piece of the Cade McNown trade.

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