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Bills wide receiver Lee Evans not only followed Chris Chambers at the University of Wisconsin, he also is close friends with the Dolphins receiver. Evans spoke to the South Florida media this week about his career and his relationship with Chambers.

Q: How pumped was Chris when he found out Daunte Culpepper was coming to Miami?

Evans:   "He was very excited when they did the OTAs in the summer, he was very, optimistic very excited. He thought that Culpepper brought a lot more value to the team. He was excited to get a Pro Bowl quarterback."

Q: How about lately; has Chris been frustrated?

Evans: "It's been tough. He's been trying to stay positive, but basically he said there's been a lot of opportunities out there but they haven't been able to connect. He's trying to stay positive, but it's just a matter of being able to hook up when they have the opportunity to go deep."

Q: Did you warn him about (former Bills head coach Mike) Mularkey's conservatism?

Evans: "I told him about Mike and I like Mike as a coach and a lot of things that he does, but from my understanding they were going to do a little bit of both from (Scott) Linehan and Mularkey's system. I didn't know exactly how they were going to call their offense and things like that, but even early on they were trying to take a lot of shots deep trying to turn loose."

Q: Why do you think you've been able to have a breakout season?

Evans: "Yeah, big plays they certainly help. It's probably been a different season for me when early in the season I wasn't getting a lot of big plays; staying into the game with a lot of short and intermediate routes was a little different for me. But I certainly learned a lot as a player this year, a lot of different things, a lot of different coverages. I just attribute it to just how hard I worked throughout the season and the offseason; the receivers that we have here we all work together to do so much. It's just been great, it's been a blessing."

Q: Do you feel you've honed your skills on shorter routes?

Evans: "It's been a work in progress. I work hard at it because it's a little different and you've got to be a lot more precise getting to a certain spot the way you run certain routes and coverages. It's been a work in progress, but as the season has gone along I've gotten a lot better at it."

Q: Does Chris feel like he's getting open?

Evans: "He feels that he's there and he certainly has had opportunities. It's just about connecting on those opportunities where he's open and actually I've been watching him on film because we've played similar teams, so I've seen him against a lot of teams that we played. Now there's a lot of opportunities out there for him; it's about taking advantage of them. On the flip side, they've been winning, so you won't hear too much about it."

Q: Do you and Chambers work out together?

Evans: "I've known Chris for a long time, certainly working out with him down there has been great. He's gone to the Pro Bowl last year, he's been exposed to a lot a lot more than I have. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can from him. It's just been great. He's taught me a lot and he continues to help me out. We're in similar situations at times."

Q: Is he going to help you out this week?

Evans: "No, probably not. After the game."

Q: Do you have a good story from college you can tell us about Chambers?

Evans: "College is college. There were some wild times but nothing I care to share, though."

Q: Who was wilder?

Evans: "Probably me."

Q: Can you talk about J.P. Losman's progress?

Evans: "He certainly has come full circle since training camp opened and the beginning of the year. His confidence has certainly grown in the last few weeks, being able to execute too many drives, drives that have helped us win the game. He's gotten better, even on the little things throwing certain balls, getting his drops right. He's finally come into his own."

Q: How often do you speak to Chris?

Evans: "We usually talk after the games, after the game figure out how each of us is doing. We'll speak once a week; usually the week we play each other we probably talk a little more because I'm coming down, got people down there and vice-versa when he comes up here. ... He helps out down there, too."

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