Morlon Greenwood is eagerly anticipating the release of his music video "Skylines," which is due out in a week or so. But his focus right now really is more on football and trying to build on his rookie season.

The second-year linebacker reported to training camp stronger and more knowledgeable than last year, and he's hoping that pays big dividends this fall.

"I think I could be a much better player," Greenwood said. "The best of me is yet to come. That's why this training camp I'm working my butt off, just trying to get better and better each day no matter what happens. No matter how good a practice I had, I always try to look better."

Greenwood was decent, not spectacular, as a rookie, finishing with 70 tackles and one-and-a-half sacks while starting 12 of the 14 games he played.

But Greenwood wasn't helped by the fact that he missed the entire preseason because of a foot sprain.

Greenwood impressed his teammates with the way he handled the injury. Then he impressed his coaches in the offseason with his workouts, and was one of four players recognized for the team's offseason awards.

"He came in dedicated, and he's been studying a lot," said fellow linebacker Derrick Rodgers. "I think it's going to pay off a lot for him on the football field.

"I think this year he's steadily going to increase the amount of tackles he made last year and you'll see a marked improvement in Morlon Greenwood's performance."

The Dolphins, who are thin at linebacker, certainly would love nothing better.

In particular, the Dolphins cold use a few more big plays from Greenwood. He thinks that's just what's going to happen now that he has a year under his belt.

"I would rate my rookie season as productive," he said. "It was kind of a slow start because I got hurt, but once I got in there I was able to be productive and help my team in a few games.

"This year will be another story. I'm trying to break out of a shell this year and make a lot more plays, and be able to make more of an impact."

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