The Saban Years: Highlights and Lowlights

A quick look back at the highs and lows of Nick Saban's brief tenure as Dolphins head coach.


-- The Dolphins close out the 2005 season with six consecutive victories

-- He convinces owner Wayne Huizenga to build an indoor practice facility for the team.

-- The Dolphins finish the 2006 season ranked fourth in the NFL in total defense.

-- He brings a sense of organization to the Dolphins, something that clearly was missing toward the end of Dave Wannstedt's tenure.

-- He makes a great draft selection by taking Channing Crowder in the third round in 2005.

-- He paves the way for Ricky Williams to return to the Dolphins in 2005.

-- He guides the Dolphins to a four-game winning streak in 2006 that includes a shocking upset of the previously unbeaten Chicago Bears.


-- He failed to get the Dolphins in the playoffs in either season.

-- He constantly denies having any interest in becoming head coach at Alabama and winds up doing just that.

-- He maintains an adversarial relationship with the media and isn't always forthcoming, such as telling reporters Travis Daniels was day-to-day with a training camp ankle injury that kept him out until the third regular season game.

-- He selects, based on the advice of doctors, Daunte Culpepper to be his quarterback instead of Drew Brees, who wouldn't have cost the Dolphins a draft pick.

-- He fails two sign his two first-round picks, Ronnie Brown and Jason Allen, in time for the start of training camp.

-- Beyond that, Allen shows little in his rookie season to indicate he was worth the 16th overall selection.

-- He fails to improve a mediocre secondary, despite that being his area of expertise.

-- He waits until seven games into the season to put in the starting lineup safety Yeremiah Bell, who immediately makes a difference for the defense.

-- He fails to land a difference-maker either on the offensive line or in the secondary in two shots at free agency.

-- He acts as though the media is out of line for asking about his potential interest in the Alabama job and says categorically he will not be coaching at Alabama. Then he leaves to do just that. It's worth mentioning twice.

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