Saban: Exit Was Premature

Nick Saban spent the first part of his first press conference as Alabama head coach throwing out the same ideas and principles he preached time and time again during his tenure with the Dolphins. Then he was asked a very to-the-point question about the way he left the Dolphins and whether it showed disrespect toward the organization.

The way the question was presented was using a comment Saban had made while with the Dolphins where he said simply walking away from someone was the ultimate sign of disrespect. Using that example, Saban was asked, did his simply walking away show disrespect?

Saban never answered the question directly, but he did admit to leaving the Dolphins prematurely because his heart simply wasn't in it anymore because what he really wanted to do was be a college coach again.

Saban went on to say he didn't want to take the Dolphins job back in December of 2005 because he didn't want to leave LSU, but was convinced to do so by Huizenga.

This time, however, Huizenga didn't insist when Saban made it clear he again didn't want the job.

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