Where Does Saban Rank?

Before we turn the page for good on Nick Saban and move on to the business of a new Dolphins head coach, we figured it would be interesting to see where Saban fits among all the head coaches this franchise has had. So here is our ranking of the Dolphins' coaches since the franchise began in 1966.

1. Don Shula (1970-95) -- The only two Super Bowl titles in franchise history. Only two losing seasons in 26 years. It's not even close.

2. Jimmy Johnson (1996-99) -- Johnson took a lot of flak because he failed to deliver on huge expectations, but he did make the playoffs three times in four seasons and also left the franchise in better shape than the way it was when he took it.

3. Jim Bates (2004) -- Yes, he only served in an interim capacity for the last seven games of the wretched season, but pulling a 3-4 mark (including a huge upset over New England) was quite remarkable.

4. Dave Wannstedt (2000-04) -- It's true that Wannstedt inherited a good situation and left the team a mess nine games into his fifth season, but in his defense he did make the playoffs his first two years and averaged 10 wins his first four.

5. Nick Saban (2005-06) -- This isn't even based on the distasteful way he left, but rather on what he didn't get accomplished in two seasons. He left with a losing record, no playoffs in two seasons and left a team arguably in the same sorry shape as the one he inherited.

6. George Wilson (1966-69) -- Yes, Wilson deserves some slack because he was coaching an expansion franchise, but the team still made only minute progress in his four years, going from 3-11 to 4-10 to 5-8-1 to 3-10-1.

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