A Coaching Wish List

Now that Nick Saban is in Alabama, it's time to turn our attention to the candidates to become the new Dolphins head coach, and by all appearances there is no shortage of them. Among the names already mentioned are Bill Cowher, Cam Cameron, Ron Rivera, Ron Turner, Mike Tomlin and Ken Whisenhunt. But who would be the best choice?

Based on his resume, the easy answer is Cowher, but there are some obstacles to overcome before the Dolphins can get him.

First is whether Cowher actually wants to coach in 2007 or whether he just wants to spend time with his family after resigning from the Steelers on Friday. Second, there would be the issue of compensation to the Steelers because Cowher still had one year left on his contract when he ended his 15-year tenure there.

Still, if that can be worked out, goodness, the man made the playoffs eight times in 15 seasons with the Steelers, went to five conference championship games and won a Super Bowl.

You know how many times the Dolphins have been to the AFC Championship Game since Cowher accomplished all that? None, nada, not one.

If getting Cowher can't be done -- remember, Wayne Huizenga is a very persuasive man and he has said money will not be an object -- then it's not some clear cut.

Our first choice, frankly, would be for an offensive mind because the last three full-time coaches -- Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt and Nick Saban -- were defensive guys, the results weren't that great and the Dolphins, for the most part, have been a pretty boring team to watch.

We want some flash.

We actually like the suggestion of HBO's Cris Collinsworth, who said the Dolphins should bring in Mike Martz. The former Rams boss doesn't necessarily have a great reputation as a head coach, but his teams in St. Louis sure were fun to watch.

Beyond Martz, Cameron could be a good choice because of the success the Chargers have had this season and also because of Cameron's work with first-year starting quarterback Philip Rivers.

Whisenhunt is another guy who would make a good choice, but he's in line for both the Pittsburgh and Atlanta (his hometown), so he's a long shot.

Of the defensive guys, we certainly like former Atlanta head coach Jim Mora, whose biggest problem with the Falcons was trying to get something out of Michael Vick on a consistent basis.

But don't forget that in his first season in Atlanta, Mora guided the Falcons to the NFC Championship Game.

Beyond him, if the Dolphins are going to go with a defensive mind, then why not give the job to either Dom Capers or Jim Bates, who has the strong support of Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas?

Bates did a tremendous job as an interim coach at the end of the 2004 season and he's made it pretty clear he's interested in the job.

The idea seems to be that Huizenga is looking to hire not only a great coach but also someone with name recognition, which might mean trouble for guys like Cameron, Rivera, Turner and even Bates.

It probably won't be very long before the Dolphins have a new head coach, so here's our top 5 wish list:

1. Bill Cowher

2. Jim Mora

3. Mike Martz

4. Cam Cameron

5. Jim Bates

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