Jets GM on Schottenheimer

One of the latest candidates to interview for the Dolphins' head-coaching vacancy was New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, the son of Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer. Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum talks about Schottenheimer.

On whether he has been contacted by Miami in regards to Brian Schottenheimer: "Yes, I was contacted the other day by Miami, and we did grant permission. He is interviewing for the head coaching job with Miami. Any of those details (when the interview will take place), I would defer to Miami."

On concerns about losing Schottenheimer: "Brian did a great job this year, like all of our coaches did. Given his background and given who he has worked for, he is deserving of the opportunity to interview for the job, and that is a credit to him. As an organization, where we stand, we will see what happens if he decides to take that job if it is offered to him."

On a successor for Schottenheimer: "As a GM, we try to have a short list for all positions because you never know what will happen. Be it for players from an injury or staff, coaches or support staff, you try to have a pretty good short list of people for if and when these situations occur. We always try to be prepared. These are lists that Eric (Mangini) and I talk about on an ongoing basis. It could be a video person, it could be your head trainer, it could be the backup quarterback, it could be any position that we are responsible for."

On an in-house candidate for the position should Schottenheimer leave: "We are trying to get the best person for the job. If that situation were to present itself, we would consider in-house people and other coaches that would be available. It is like any other search, you want to get the best person that you can."

On the possibility of losing a coordinator to a division rival: "On the one hand, I would be happy personally for Coach Schottenheimer. He has done a great job for us and worked hard. If and when he would leave this organization we would have to work hard to replace him. If it is within the division, that is just another obstacle we would have to deal with."

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