Dave Wannstedt's first game against his former team might make for a good story for the media, but it's no big deal for the Dolphins head coach. In fact, it's much ado about nothing.

Thursday night's preseason finale will mark Wannstedt's first game against the Chicago Bears since they fired him as their head coach following the 1998 season.

"It's been four years now and there are very few players left that were there when I was there," Wannstedt said. "My whole focus is on our team and evaluating our players. If you want to talk about this game, the Dolphins or the future, that is the life that I'm living."

While he doesn't care to spend a lot of time reminiscing or talking about his Chicago days, Wannstedt understands that it is one of the storylines for an otherwise meaningless preseason game.

Wannstedt spoke to the Chicago media on a conference call on Wednesday and emphasized to them, as well, that his focus was on the Dolphins and not what happened in Chicago.

In six seasons with the Bears, Wannstedt compiled a 40-56 mark. His tenure didn't end well as the Bears suffered consecutive 4-12 seasons in 1997 and 1998.

After he left, Wannstedt was criticized for some personnel decisions that may or may not have been entirely his call.

But again, he was in no mood for any Bears discussion this week.

"Move on," he said. "None of that stuff does any good. It was a long time ago. It was a great experience. I appreciated the opportunity.

"I learned an awful lot. You take the good, you leave the bad, and you try to alleviate the bad when those decisions come up again."

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