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With the Dolphins personnel staff and a lot of coaches, but not Cam Cameron, in Mobile, Ala., this week to look at the prospects on hand for the Senior Bowl, we can't help but think how crucial this 2007 draft will be for Miami. The Dolphins hold the ninth overall pick in the draft, and we already have a thought on what they should do. Actually, we're having a lot of thoughts these days.

-- The top priority at this point appears to be for a playmaker on offense, which means a game-breaking wide receiver. That won't be Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech because he'll be a top five pick. That means we're looking at Ted Ginn Jr. of Ohio State. The first thing we'll say about the guy is he doesn't strike as a top 10 talent as a wideout because at Ohio State he always was more of a great athlete than a great wide receiver.

That said, though, the fact that he's such a great athlete makes him very intriguing because he not only could help the Dolphins passing game but he also would bring a spark to the return game.

Look, we like Wes Welker as much as the next guy, but does he really create excitement the way a Devin Hester does for Chicago or the way a Michael Lewis does for New Orleans or the way a Jermaine Lewis once did for Baltimore. No. The Dolphins haven't had one of those guys for a long, long time and Ginn would fit the bill.

-- You will hear many other names in connection with the Dolphins' first-round pick between now and April 28, among them MIchigan DT Alan Branch, Penn State OT Levi Brown, Ginn, maybe even Penn State LB Paul Posluszny and, yes, maybe even Brady Quinn, the quarterback from Notre Dame.

Quinn? Top five pick, guaranteed, you say? Well, we're not so sure about that. Really, did you think Matt Leinart would be available at No. 10 last year? And, make no mistake, Leinart was a better prospect than Quinn.

-- We have to talk about the Dolphins' coaching move last week, and there are a lot of reasons to like the move.

First, as we had suggested before, Wayne Huizenga made a great move in finally separate the coaching and personnel powers. This is not to say that Cam Cameron couldn't have gotten the job done had he been given control of the personnel department, but the Dolphins have suffered in recent years because their head coaches -- read, Dave Wannstedt and Nick Saban -- made too many personnel mistakes.

Now, there has been talk of GM Randy Mueller interviewing with the Tennessee Titans, but he has said he's happy in Miami with the new arrangement (read: Saban is gone) and he's not going to get more personnel powers in Tennessee, where Jeff Fisher makes the calls.

So we're not buying much into that story, and we really like the Cameron-Mueller setup.

Mueller is a proven commodity as a personnel guy, and Cameron comes with tremendous credentials as a coach.

Sure, he had a lousy record at Indiana, but do you know how many coaches since 1950 have left that school with a winning record? Zip. Nada. Zilch. Indiana is a basketball school, pure and simple.

Look more at what Cameron did in San Diego and did in Washington in 1996 when he was quarterbacks coach and Gus Frerotte went to the Pro Bowl.

The guy knows offense, and by keeping Dom Capers to coach the defense, the Dolphins should be in good shape (coaching-wise) on both sides of the ball.

Now, the issue is getting more talent. Which is why hitting on the draft is so important, and why getting the right vibe this week in Mobile is crucial.

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