Brees Talks Dolphins

Drew Brees is in South Florida for Super Bowl week and he talked to the media Monday after doing some promotional work for Visa. Not surprisingly, the topic of his almost joining the Dolphins in the offseason came up.

Of course, everyone knows by now that the Dolphins courted Brees as a free agent last offseason, but decided instead to make a trade for Daunte Culpepper because of medical advice that suggested that Culpepper had a better chance of coming back from a severe knee injury than Brees had of rebounding from a shoulder injury.

We all know how that turned out, with Culpepper being a washout for the Dolphins in 2006, getting shelved after four mediocre performance while Brees put together a Pro Bowl season and led the New Orleans Saints to the NFC Championship Game.

"Everything happens for a reason," Brees said. "There's no doubt I made the right decision."

Actually, Brees' decision pretty much was made for him when Nick Saban decided to listen to the medical advice he was getting.

Saban has acknowledged he would have made a push to sign Brees had it not been for the medical issue, and Brees pretty much echoed that on Monday.

Said Brees: "I remember Nick telling me, if you're 100 percent, there's no doubt you'd be the guy."

With New Orleans turning into the feel-good story in the NFL in 2006 -- so much success one year after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina -- Brees isn't about to look back now, even though the feeling last spring was that his preference would have been to come to Miami.

"Who knows what would have happened," Brees said. "I was meant to be in New Orleans. I had an opportunity there I wouldn't have anywhere else in the country. It was the greatest opportunity in the world."

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