Cameron on Culpepper

New Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron talked to reporters on Friday after the announcement of the Dolphins' game in London next fall, but he also touched on a couple of other topics. One of them, not surprisingly, was quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

Cameron acknowledged that Culpepper was less than 100 percent at this point, but declined to indicate just how far off the quarterback was at this point. Cameron did say his early impressions of Culpepper have been positive.

"Your players only have a limited amount of time to impress you quickly," Cameron said. "I would share this with you: Early one morning last week I going around the weight room and there was Zach Thomas. I know that doesn't surprise any of you. But I think the thing I would telll you, I went around the corner and there was Dunate Culpepper. He's in there early, he's doing the rehab he needs to do with Kevin (O'Neill) and that's where we are at this point. And that's what's important.

"So I think anytime you're building a relationship, you're doing it one day at a time and so far we've gotten off to a good start."

Cameron also wouldn't get into specifics as far as the moves that have been made on the coaching staff, including the reported recent firing of defensive line coach Dan Quinn.

Cameron did say he wasn't concerned at all that he still doesn't have an offensive coordinator in place. He did say he would discuss his staff once it has been finalized.

Cameron also wouldn't say one way or the other whether he would welcome back Ricky Williams, saying, "Once the process runs the course, then you really start thinking about it and we start discussing it."

One thing Cameron was glad to express were his feelings about his new job.

"There was no question in my mind I was asked to lead the great football team, the greatest organization in the NFL. It's gotten better every day. This job, as good as I thought it was two weeks ago, it's gotten better every day."

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