The Dolphins have their 53-man roster after making 11 roster moves on Sunday, but that doesn't mean this is the group the Dolphins will carry throughout the regular season.

Actually, that would be very surprising.

When you read the transactions in the morning paper, keep a close eye on the players waived because the Dolphins clearly will.

Coach Dave Wannstedt and vice president/football operations Rick Spielman are going to be well aware of who becomes available.

The Dolphins, first and foremost, are in the market for a cornerback.

The Dolphins currently have five on their 53-man roster, but rookie Omare Lowe isn't anywhere near ready to contribute after sustained a high ankle sprain during training camp. He's been out for a few weeks now and missed valuable practice time for a rookie.

The fourth cornerback at this point is Ray Green, who was as unimpressive in training camp as he was impressive in the minicamps.

And the third cornerback is 2001 first-round pick Jamar Fletcher, who has had his moments but also has been inconsistent.

So clearly this is a major need area and one that could change very soon if the right player becomes available.

The Dolphins also could use a linebacker, particularly if veteran backup Scott Galyon is going to miss a couple of games. There's no exact timetable as to when Galyon will be able to play; remember, he broke a thumb in the preseason opener.

The Dolphins, in fact, put in a waiver claim on a linebacker this past week, but the player went to another team that also claimed him.

Until the regular starts, the pecking order if more than one team claims the same player is based on last year's standings, and the Dolphins are 25th in the league under that criteria.

The Dolphins have had success in the past picking up players right before or after the final roster cut, some examples including wideout Jeff Ogden and tight end Jed Weaver.

They can only hope to have the same luck this year.

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