Green with Envy?

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position as far as the Dolphins are concerned, which is why they are likely to explore several options between now and the start of training camp. One of those options apparently surfaced during the scouting combine. has learned that during the scouting week at Indianapolis, the Dolphins inquired about the availability of longtime Kansas City Chiefs starter Trent Green.

Whether the Chiefs have any interest in trading Green is unknown at this point, but it was interesting that they re-signed free agent-to-be Damon Huard to a three-year contract on Tuesday.

You may remember that Huard clearly outperformed Green last season when he stepped in after Green sustained a concussion in the opener.

Green was able to guide the Chiefs to the playoffs after returning from the injury, but there's reason to wonder whether he still stands as the clear No. 1 for the Chiefs.

If Coach Herm Edwards thinks it's time to go with Huard, who just may be one of those late bloomers, then perhaps he'd willing to listen to trade offers.

One issue with Green is a rather large contract that has three years remaining. The base salaries for those three years are $7.2 million, $7.7 million and $9.2 million.

A restructured contract appears in store for Green, whether he stays in Kansas City or goes elsewhere. So far Green has been unwilling to redo his deal with the Chiefs, and that could factor into his immediate future.

The appeal of Green for the Dolphins should be obvious. He played in Washington in the mid-1990s when Cam Cameron was an assistant there and he worked in Kansas City with new Dolphins assistant Terry Shea.

Word is Shea is a big fan of Green's, and clearly would like to bring him down to South Florida.

The Dolphins currently have five quarterbacks on their roster, but Daunte Culpepper still is a question mark, Cleo Lemon remains an unproven commodity, Joey Harrington soon will be released, Gibran Hamdan is a training camp body, and Shane Matthews is a free agent who's likely to retire.

As for what it would cost to get Green, one can look at last year's Baltimore-Tennessee trade for Steve McNair, which involved a fourth-round pick.

Stay tuned.

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