March Madness?

The Dolphins have been busy making moves this week, and they surely will be making more -- perhaps many more -- in the next few days and weeks. We analyze what the Dolphins have done so far and weigh the merits of going after former Pittsburgh linebacker Joey Porter.

Let's start with Porter, who was released by the Steelers on Thursday. Porter was scheduled to make $4 million in base salary in 2007 and it's not impossible he could wind up making more now that he's free to negotiate with any team in the league.

From a performance standpoint, there's no question the Dolphins could use a guy like Porter, who would provide a pass-rushing threat at outside linebacker on the other side of Jason Taylor.

By all reports, Porter isn't quite the explosive force he once was, but he still can get after the quarterback and the Dolphins haven't had a dominating pass-rushing linebacker since ... we're thinking the answer is Bryan Cox in the early 1990s.

Porter is a very vocal guy -- that's putting it nicely -- and his volatile personality is liable to turn some teams off. Then there's the issue of just how much money you want to throw in his direction.

As we said earlier this week, we would much rather see the Dolphins go after Adalius Thomas, but it's not looking like that's going to happen.

So the verdict on Porter is a soft yes, at the right price.

The Dolphins hosted free agent wideout Kelley Washington on Friday, and his addition would add some good depth at wide receiver. A former standout at the University of Tennessee, Washington has been stuck in Cincy behind Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Chris Henry.

His signing wouldn't eliminate the need for an explosive wideout, but this is one position where the Dolphins need a lot of help.

As for the four veterans released this week, the three O-linemen were decent, but not special, players who carried too big a price tag. We could see the Dolphins trying to re-sign Jeno James and maybe even Seth McKinney, but it's not like it's a major loss if they can't get that done.

As for Kevin Carter, there's word he might be interested in rejoining the Tennessee Titans, but the Dolphins figure to keep talking to him to see if he wants to come back at a lower salary.

The bottom line is Carter remains a solid player, but he wasn't a difference-maker on the defensive line last year and also was making too much money.

So it was a move that made sense, even if it creates another hole to fill in the starting lineup.

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