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The Dolphins remain interested in the services of Kansas City quarterback Trent Green, but there has been no deal as of Saturday afternoon. There have been, however, rumors of other teams interested in Green.

One would be the Oakland Raiders, who have an obvious need at quarterback. The rumor is the Raiders wouldn't trade for Green, but rather just wait for the Chiefs to release him if they can't consummate a deal with another team.

Green is on the books for a $7.2 million salary in 2007, and the Chiefs aren't going to pay him that, particularly after re-signing Damon Huard to a three-year contract several days ago.

As we all know, the Chiefs gave Green's agent, Jim Steiner, permission to explore other opportunities around the league. One of those clearly is with the Dolphins, who have two obstacles to overcome.

One is working out a contract agreement with Green because they also don't want to pay him $7.2 million in 2007. The other is agreeing to compensation with the Chiefs.

Word is the first part wouldn't be a major problem. The second, however, could get tricky, and here's why.

According to the NFL source, the Chiefs are looking for two draft picks for Green. The Dolphins would like to avoid giving that up.

But the question is whether there's a big market for Green at this stage of his career. Word is the Minnesota Vikings, who recently saw veteran Brad Johnson sign with Dallas, might have an interest.

The Dolphins have an advantage there, though, because of Green's connection with head coach Cam Cameron (together in Washington in the mid-1990s) and new quarterbacks coach Terry Shea (with Kansas City last year).

Remember, Green has the power to dictate his destination because he can refuse to renegotiate his contract for the Vikings, for example, and nobody is going to pay Green $7.2 million next season.

In the end, this could play out like last year's trade for Joey Harrington, where Harrington reportedly refused to redo his contract to facilitate a trade to Cleveland but did so in order to be traded to the Dolphins.

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