The Big QB Question

There was a big move involving a quarterback this week, but surprisingly it didn't involve the Dolphins. They might be next, however, although there's a new piece to this complicated puzzle that's been playing out in the last couple of weeks.

The trade of Matt Schaub from Atlanta to Houston has all but ended any possibility that David Carr would return to the Texans. That means that Houston now will be looking to see if they get something for the former first overall pick in the draft.

If they can't, Carr more than likely will be released, leaving Carr free to negotiate with any team in the league.

Maybe that's something the Dolphins will consider when and if that time comes, but the feeling remains that what's going to happen first is the trade with Kansas City for veteran Trent Green.

Word is the Dolphins and Chiefs have agreed on compensation, which is going to be a second-day pick (maybe a sixth-rounder, maybe a seventh-rounder), but the issue is Green and the Dolphins agreeing on a restructured deal.

Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards said this week the door hasn't been closed on Green returning to the Chiefs, but he'll have to restructure one way or another, and that's not likely to make him want to stay in Kansas City.

Now, the Dolphins acquiring a veteran quarterback raises two interesting questions: 1) What happens with Daunte Culpepper? 2) Does that preclude the Dolphins from picking a quarterback in the draft?

The answer to Question 1 could wind up providing quite a shock to a lot of people, but it's just really difficult to envision the Dolphins going through the trouble of trading for Trent Green just to have him serve as a backup.

Cam Cameron has been awfully quiet when it comes to Culpepper this offseason, other than to throw out a "he works hard" compliment during the scouting combine.

This is pure speculation, but don't be surprised if the arrival of Green equals the departure of Culpepper.

As for drafting a quarterback, that's certainly a possibility -- maybe even a likelihood -- regardless of what happens prior to April 28.

The Dolphins aren't likely to be in play for either JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn, but we certainly can see them taking someone like a Drew Stanton in the second round.

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