Quiet on QB Front

We were expecting the Dolphins to have a new quarterback on the roster by now, whether it be Trent Green or David Carr, but nothing has materialized as the owners' meetings wrap up in Phoenix. And at this point, who knows exactly how long it will be before the Dolphins make an acquisition. We're still thinking, however, that it will happen.

By now, everyone has heard about Kansas City GM Carl Peterson now asking for a second-round pick for any team wanting to trade for Green.

Hello! Earth to Carl! Anybody home?

Come on, get serious. A second-round pick for a quarterback every team knows is done in Kansas City?

Not happening. Not when Steve McNair, who at this time last year had a lot more value than Green this spring, fetched only a fourth.

The problem here is that Peterson saw Atlanta get two No. 2 picks, plus a first-round swap from 10 to 8, from Houston for Matt Schaub and his eyes got big.

Yes, Green has a couple of Pro Bowls on his resume and he's a lot more accomplished than Schaub. But he's also 37 years old and coming off a season ruined by a concussion to boot.

So forget about a seventh-round pick. Besides, any trade that Peterson can make has to have Green's approval because -- as we've mentioned time and time again -- nobody is going to pay him $7.2 million next season and he'll have to agree to a new contract before any trade is made.

It's sort of like what happened with Joey Harrington last spring. Remember that Cleveland had a deal with Detroit on draft day, but it fell apart because Harrington wouldn't restructure his deal for the Browns.

In the end, the Dolphins gave the Lions a pick because they didn't want to wait until Harrington was released.

It may come down to the same kind of staring contest between the Dolphins and Chiefs.

The Dolphins clearly look like option No. 1 for Green right now, and they might even be Nos. 2, 3 and 4 as well. So they conceivably could wait out the Chiefs and simply wait for the moment Green is released by Kansas City.

Ideally, though, something can get done before too long. That's why the Dolphins have offered a seventh-round pick. If that's not good enough, maybe the Dolphins can push it up to a sixth-rounder (again, they gave up what turned out to be a five for Harrington), but we wouldn't do anything above a No. 5.

In the meantime, nothing has happened with Carr, but it sure doesn't look like teams are banging down his door.

There has been talk that the Dolphins could bring in BOTH Green and Carr, but that seems a little tough to buy.

The feeling is the Dolphins prefer Green but might turn to Carr at some point if they get fed up with the games Peterson is playing.

The story goes that Peterson will talk to Matt Millen about possibly sending Green to Detroit, but, again, the deal doesn't get done unless Green wants to go to the Lions.

And considering his relationship with Terry Shea and Cam Cameron, Miami is where he wants to be.

It's just taking longer to get done than just about anybody had figured.

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