Coach Dave Wannstedt obviously was very pleased about the season-opening rout of the Detroit Lions, but he also quickly wants to turn the page and focus on the next game.

In his day-after press conference on Monday, Wannstedt made it clear that the time to enjoy the 49-21 victory over Detroit had passed.

And Wannstedt also wasn't concerned about his team feeling overconfident after its performance because the game film revealed some areas when the team could have played better.

"Every player is going to walk out of there saying we've got to get a lot better," he said. "When we walk out of here today, it's over. It's on to Indianapolis, let's go."

That said, Wannstedt did take one last look back at the Detroit game, and here are some of his observations:

• "From an offensive standpoint, the most positive thing was we had zero penalties and zero turnovers. I don't know if we've had that happen here the last couple of years. It's something we always talk about."

• "Defensively, two things jump out. We did give up one pass over 20 yards, but that was it. And we held them to 50 yards rushing. It's something to build on."

• "The field position was great. As a whole, the special teams unit stepped up to the challenge."

But as mentioned before, Wannstedt wasn't ready to declare that his team was perfect on opening day.

"There are a lot of things that we've got to clean up, in every phase of the game" he said. "You should see, if we approach it the right way, improvement from Week 1 to Week 2."

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