Ricky returning home?

Any question that former Dolphins running back Ricky Williams is looking to return wearing aqua and orange colors next season should be no more. That's because Williams, according to agent Leigh Steinberg has prepared a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell requesting reinstatement back into the league.

Even though April 27 will officially mark one year that Williams' suspension was upheld by the league, he is not required to wait until that date to send his letter of reinstatement to Goodell.

Even though Steinberg said he wasn't sure if the letter had been sent as of last Saturday, (March 31), its delivery would imminently occur over the next few days.

The league will then conduct a routine search of Williams' behavior over the last year in the Canadien Football League of which there have been no known reported incidents or problems. He also has several months of passed drug tests on his resumé which could be the final hurdle to clear for his return.


A recent trade with the Denver Broncos that sent defensive tackle Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkinson to Denver for a sixth round draft pick has been voided.

The trade was called off because Wilkinson missed a second deadline for a physicial. After missing an initial deadline, a second deadline of March 30 was given but Wilkinson failed to show for that as well. As a result, the Broncos will retain their sixth round pick in the upcoming draft while the Dolphins retain the rights to Wilkinson.

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