Time to Get Green?

It seems pretty much a foregone conclusion that Trent Green will become a member of the Dolphins sooner or later; the only question, really, is just how much should Miami give up to get him on their roster before too long?

Word from our friends at Warpaint Illustrated (www.chiefs.scout.com) is that Kansas City GM Carl Peterson is holding firm in the hope of getting two picks from the Dolphins, ideally one in the third and one in the sixth.

Our initial reaction to that is that Peterson needs to get serious. Here's the deal, as we've mentioned before: Because no team in the entire NFL will pay Green his scheduled $7.2 million salary in 2007, he will have to agree to a new deal in order for the Chiefs to be able to trade him. If the Chiefs don't trade him, they will release him at some point. It's that simple.

Part B of that equation is that it's been pretty clear for a couple of weeks now that Green wants to play for the Dolphins, with whom he will be reunited with Cam Cameron and Terry Shea. Green already has agreed to the parameters of a new contract with the Dolphins, so all that's left to happen is for a trade to be consummated or for the Chiefs to let Green go.

It's pretty much the same scenario as what happened last offseason with Joey Harrington, who eventually came to Miami in a trade with Detroit on May 12.

The hope is that something with Green will be done before that date; in fact, the Dolphins are pushing to make something happen before the April 28-29 draft.

But the Dolphins also don't want to overpay when they know that Green is done in Kansas City.

Therefore, this becomes a blinking contest. It's the Chiefs holding out for as much as they can knowing they have no other trade possibility with Green versus the Dolphins wanting to get Green as soon as possible while giving up as little as possible.

The Dolphins' next minicamp is scheduled for May 3-5, so that would be a good timetable to get something done.

But it's not going to get done for a third and a sixth. Think about it. Baltimore gave up a fourth-round pick for Steve McNair, who's a better quarterback than Green.

The possibility exists that we could see some sort of conditional pick for 2008 based on Green's performance next season. But, really, the Dolphins' target has been a sixth-round pick since they have an additional one as the result of the trade of Olindo Mare to New Orleans.

So what's our best guess as to when something will happen? Well, contrary to our friends at Warpaint Illustrated, we do not feel that it is Peterson who holds all the cards. Yes, the Dolphins are in dire need of a quarterback for next season given Daunte Culpepper's still-remaining question mark, but they also know they will Trent Green sooner or later.

So it's a lose-lose proposition for both in a sense because the Chiefs won't get as much as they want, and the Dolphins won't get Green in as quickly as they would have liked and for as little as they would like.

But in the end, both teams will come out of this with something. And we're thinking this whole thing finally will be wrapped up by the draft.

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