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We are now just a little over a week away from the 2007 draft, and there is absolutely no clear indication as to what's going to happen at the top of draft. Meanwhile, the Dolphins keep trying to find a solution to their quarterback issues while also contemplating their draft strategy. We offer our thoughts on a variety of topics.

-- It really doesn't make a huge difference when the Dolphins finally get Trent Green (assuming it's not in August), but doesn't everyone wish that thing would get done already? Again, memo to Carl Peterson: You're stuck, Green wants to play for the Dolphins, so your two options are to pay him his $7.2 million and keep him and make the trade. You're not geting a second-round pick. Give it up.

-- The Dolphins should know around draft time, or perhaps a little later, whether they'll have Ricky Williams' services for 2007 and it's looking good he'll be back. As we said in 2005, it's a great bonus. No, you can't build your teams around him the way Dave Wannstedt had done, but he's still the best back on the team and will make for a great 1-2 punch with Ronnie Brown.

-- Yes, I said Ricky Williams is the best back on the team. Ronnie Brown is a good, solid back. Ricky Williams is a great running back.

-- Yes, $5.9 million over five years is a huge deal for a punter, but Donnie Jones is pretty good, so we're not sure we like this move too much. The Dolphins better come up with a good alternative there.

-- For all the talk about the quarterback position, the left side of the offensive line might be just as big a concern right now. That's why we're thinking an offensive lineman in the first round just might be the way to go.

-- The Dolphins will pick a quarterback on the first day of this draft, maybe even the first round if Brady Quinn is there at No. 9. But we're thinking they're better off taking a Trent Edwards or Drew Stanton in the second round because they might become just as good in the NFL as Quinn, whose productivity in college might have had a lot to do with Charlie Weis being his head coach.

-- Jason Allen was at cornerback during last weekend's minicamp. Man, this is one guy who has some major stepping up to do after last year's disappointing performance.

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