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Cam Cameron has refused to say anything about Ricky Williams since taking over as Dolphins head coach, commenting that he only wants to discuss players on his roster. Because of that, we still don't know how he views Williams and whether he will welcome him back to the team the way Nick Saban did in 2005. This becomes relevant in light of comments made Thursday by Rams head coach Scott Linehan.

Linehan, who was the Dolphins' offensive coordinator in 2005 before he got the job in St. Louis last offseason, made it perfectly clear he would welcome Williams on his roster with open arms to serve as a backup and/or complement to Rams starting running back Steven Jackson.

Of course, Linehan wasn't supposed to talk about any interest in Williams because the running back is under contract with the Dolphins and he could find himself in trouble if the Dolphins decide to raise a stink about it.

But that would be the Rams' problem. We're obviously more interested in the Dolphins' situation, namely what's going to happen with Williams.

We probably will know by mid-May whether he'll be reinstated after his one-year suspension, but all indications are that it's going to happen. The next question will be: Are the Dolphins going to keep him or shop him?

If they do decide to shop him, the Dolphins now have a starting point as far as teams to contact, but there are a couple of reasons as to why trading Williams isn't a great idea -- unless, of course, the Rams or another team offers a package in return that's just too good to turn down.

First, we don't see that happening because of Williams' past, which is going to reduce his market value. Given his past and his many strikes already against him, Williams unfortunately can't be depended upon for the long run.

More importantly, though, is the fact that Williams is just too good a running back to give up.

Say what you want about him as a person, the guy can play. As we've said before and we'll continue to say, he's easily the best running back on the Dolphins roster, and with him around the Dolphins have a fabulous 1-2 punch at the position with Ronnie Brown.

As for the issue of team chemistry or whatever you want to call it, nobody has an issue when Williams is around. He works hard, is a good team player and is very professional.

The only issue any teammate ever had with him was the timing of his decision to leave the Dolphins in 2004 -- right before the start of camp.

Beyond that, Dolphins players -- Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas at the top -- just want to win. And the Dolphins clearly have a better chance to win with Ricky Williams on the roster.

If Cameron and GM Randy Mueller, who traded Williams to the Dolphins while he was with New Orleans, decide they don't want Williams, then they'll need to get a running back in the draft because there's nobody on the roster right now who inspires tremendous confidence as a backup for Brown.

It's also likely they won't find anybody as good as Williams. So why not just keep him and focus on other positions in the draft?

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