2007 Draft Preview: QB Quest

You never know what's going to happen on draft day, but it appears very likely at this point that the Dolphins will select a quarterback in one of the first three rounds of the draft, something they haven't done since 1983. What's clearly up in the air, though, is whether that quarterback will be picked in Round 1, 2 or 3, and just who that guy will be.

GM Randy Mueller said there are five or six quarterback prospects who will be first-day picks and have the potential to become starters in the NFL.

Mueller didn't mention any names, but here are the six quarterbacks generally considered the Class of the 2007 Class.

The breakdown includes a short scouting report, a draft projection and the chances of each prospect landing with the Dolphins.


Scouting report: Has been compared to Daunte Culpepper because of his huge physique and his ability to make things happen on the run. His critics say Russell might be more athlete than quarterback and his touch could use some improvement.

Draft projection: Will be one of the first three picks in the entire draft and very well could be the first overall selection.

Chances of being picked by the Dolphins: Practically nonexistent. No matter how impressed the Dolphins might be with Russell, the price to move up to get him would be too high for a team with as many needs as Miami.


Scouting report: It seems like every day Quinn's stock goes up or down. Quinn put up big numbers at Notre Dame and looks like the prototypical NFL quarterback with his size and better-than-average arm. But Quinn underachieved more often than not in big games while at Notre Dame and he also greatly benefited from playing under Charlie Weis.

Draft projection: Quinn is a very difficult prospect to project because he could go as high as second or third overall, but also could wind up sliding down like Aaron Rodgers did a couple of years ago. A best guess would be that Quinn will be selected in the 10-15 range.

Chances of being picked by the Dolphins: We're thinking at this point that the Dolphins actually wil have the chance to add Quinn with the ninth overall selection, but will go in a different direction with that pick.


Scouting report: Edwards was one of the most highly touted quarterback recruits when he showed up at Stanford because of his size and his intelligence. But Edwards' college career was marred by injuries and he didn't quite develop the way many observers had anticipated.

Draft projection: Edwards has the look of a big-time hit-or-miss prospect, but because of his physical attributes he will get drafted somewhere in the second round.

Chances of being picked by the Dolphins: The Dolphins have the eighth and 28th selections in the second round, and we're thinking Edwards will go somewhere between those two. We're thinking the Dolphins will be picking a quarterback with their second No. 2 pick, which would eliminate Edwards.


Scouting report: Stanton is a very good athlete with good size and a lot of toughness, but he had a habit of going very hot or very cold at Michigan State. Stanton also isn't considered a very good deep thrower.

Draft projection: Stanton's draft stock wasn't helped by a so-so senior season, but he's got too many tools not to be picked in the second round..

Chances of being picked by the Dolphins: While we don't see hiim as the Dolphins' first choice, Stanton is a definite possibility with the 60th overall selection, the one obtained in the trade with New England involving Wes Welker.


Scouting report: One of the risers as the draft approaches, Beck isn't going to dazzle anybody with his size, arm strength or athletic ability, but he's got a lot of poise and savvy. He reminds a lot of folks of Drew Brees.

Draft projection: Beck once was thought of as a mid-round pick, but it now looks like he could go before the end of the second round.

Chances of being picked by the Dolphins: Cam Cameron had Drew Brees in San Diego and watched him develop into a quality NFL starter. Do not be surprised if the Dolphins pick him at No. 60 overall or maybe try to see if they can get him early in the third round.


Scouting report: Kolb was very productive in Houston's spread offense and he brings some nice intangibles, but he also has little experience in a pro-style offense and doesn't have a big arm.

Draft projection: Probably ranks a little lower than the other five guys and figures to go in the third round.

Chances of being picked by the Dolphins: If the Dolphins go through the first two rounds with picking a quarterback, Kolb definitely would merit a lot of consideration in Round 3.

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