Top Pick Possibility: T Levi Brown

As we count down to Saturday's 2007 NFL draft, we examine the prospects who have been mentioned as strong possibilities for the Dolphins with the ninth overall selection. We'll look at the prospects, how they would fit in and the likelihood of Miami actually picking them. In this installment, we look at Penn State offensive tackle Levi Brown.


Brown is widely considered the second-best offensive lineman prospect in the draft behind Wisconsin tackle Joe Thomas. Brown is known as a mauler and he probably ranks ahead of Thomas when it comes to run blocking. His pass blocking, however, isn't quite as consistent as that of Thomas. Brown didn't have a tremendous senior season, but a big reason was a torn meniscus in his left knee that caused him to miss a couple of games and also affected him upon his return. There are some who think Brown will have to play right tackle in the NFL, but that opinion isn't widespread as most observers feel he can be a long-term left tackle. He has the long arms ideal for the position.


The Dolphins haven't had a stud left tackle since Richmond Webb left in the offseason of 2001 and badly could use one. As it stands right now, third-year player Anthony Alabi probably would be the starter at left tackle with L.J. Shelton also a possibility. This is why Brown's name has come up in connection with the Dolphins. Damion McIntosh started last year and was OK, but nothing more. The Dolphins at long last would like to have something more than OK at left tackle, and Brown just might be the answer.


How about very high. This is the guy who we think makes the most sense for Miami. He was in town for a couple of days last week to meet with offensive line coach Hudson Houck and head coach Cam Cameron, which obviously indicates a big interest. Brown earned two degrees from Penn State, so he's obviously a sharp guy. He's also got obvious physical ability. Look, the fall-off at offensive tackle between the first and second will be much greater than at quarterback, and that's why we think Brown will be the guy at No. 9.

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