Top Pick Possibility: QB Brady Quinn

As we count down to Saturday's 2007 NFL draft, we examine the prospects who have been mentioned as strong possibilities for the Dolphins with the ninth overall selection. We'll look at the prospects, how they would fit in and the likelihood of Miami actually picking them. In this installment, we look at Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn.


Quinn appears to have all the physical tools to become a star in the NFL, from great size (6-4) to an arm that is more than strong enough. He also benefited from the tutoring of Charlie Weis the last two years. If there has been a knock against Quinn, it's that he didn't play that well against top-notch opponents. For example, he threw three interceptions in the Irish's 47-21 loss to Michigan last year and then was only 15-of-35 in the Sugar Bowl when he was badly outplayed by JaMarcus Russell.


As of Friday, there's no still Trent Green on the roster but it's only a matter of time. Green likely will be the Dolphins' starting quarterback in 2007 and whoever the Dolphins draft this weekend will be sitting and watching at least for one year. That includes Quinn, no matter how early the Dolphins would get him.


Coach Cam Cameron visited with Quinn and it's obvious the Dolphins would seriously consider taking him if he were available at No. 9. But there's no guarantee that he would be the pick because the Dolphins also were entertain Levi Brown in that spot. There's also no guarantee whatsoever that Quinn will be available at No. 9 because the Cleveland Browns clearly will consider Quinn at No. 3 and there's a rumor floating around that the Oakland Raiders might pick him first overall. The Minnesota Vikings, at No. 7, also could go for Quinn. Of all the scenarios possible, the least likely to us is the Dolphins trading up to get Quinn. So based on the chances of Quinn being there at No. 9, the feeling at this point is that the Dolphins will be getting their quarterback of the future in the second round -- and it won't be Quinn.

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