2007 Draft Preview: Trade talk

Unlike recent years when they entered the draft short-handed, the Dolphins find themselves this year in the enviable position of being able to do a lot of maneuvering. And it's just not draft picks that could be involved if the Dolphins go ahead and consummate a few trades over the weekends.

The most obvious trade that could go down this weekend is the deal involving Chiefs quarterback Trent Green. The Dolphins have been pretty consistent in telling K.C. all along they wouldn't give up more than a sixth-round pick, but the possibility exists that they could budge a little on Saturday or Sunday -- although they won't give the Chiefs the second-round pick they fooled themselves into thinking they could get.

Once that trade is consummated, it seems only a matter of time before Daunte Culpepper is let go. And now there's been talk of a possible trade with the Raiders.

The only thing about that is that a trade for Culpepper would put Oakland on the hook for Culpepper's salary, which isn't exactly cheap.

Besides, as is the case with Green, it's pretty well accept that Culpepper has no future in Miami, so why would the Raiders give up anything for a guy they could have for nothing before too long.

So while we like the idea of being able to get something for Culpepper in a trade, we just don't see it happening.

Nor do we consider likely the possibility of the Dolphins moving up in the draft -- the idea being to get Brady Quinn. The reason here is that the Dolphins need a lot of reinforcements and moving up in the first round is going to be very costly in the terms of draft picks. Simply put, the Dolphins can't afford to give up a ton of picks just so they can get Brady Quinn.

We can, however, easily see the Dolphins moving down in the first round to pick up additional picks.

Here's the deal: The Dolphins' two biggest needs right now are quarterback and left tackle. So say JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Joe Thomas and Levi Brown all are gone by the ninth pick -- a distinct possibility. The Dolphins then could trade down to the middle of the first round -- and there are a couple of prospects in the 10-13 range that teams would move up for -- and probably still be able to land Central Michigan left tackle Joe Staley, who's not quite as accomplished as Levi Brown but a prospect some think actually might become a better pro.

Another possible move would be trading down to late in the first round and still be able to get one of the second-tier quarterbacks, either Trent Edwards from Stanford or John Beck from Brigham Young.

Finally, we also could see Marty Booker get traded this weekend, although we frankly can't see the Dolphins getting all that much for a solid-but-not-spectacular wideout who is scheduled to make $3.1 million and $4.8 million the next two years.

So there is a tremendous amount of possibilities for this weekend, and that doesn't even include the prospects the Dolphins could draft.

It has the makings of a very entertaining weekend indeed.

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