Cameron Hears It From Fans

The Dolphins' selection of Ted Ginn with the ninth overall selection of the 2007 draft wasn't very popular with the team's fans, who were hoping that Brady Quinn would be the choice. And those fans gathered inside the practice bubble at Dolphins headquarters made sure to let Cam Cameron know how they felt.

As part of the Dolphins' draft party festivities, Cameron came out to address the fans after the selection of Ginn.

If Cameron was expecting a warm reception from Dolphins fans, he was in for a shock. Instead, he was greeted by an overwhelmingly negative response that featured a lot more boos than cheers.

In fact, the booing continued as Cameron talked about the pick.

"It's going to be a tremendous day as you folks watch the rest of the draft unfold," Cameron told fans.

At one point, a few fans began a chant of "Brady, Brady."

That only prompted Cameron to talk about Ginn some more.

"Ted Ginn is someone you're going to be proud of," Cameron said, "Ted Ginn and his family are going to give us everything they have. He's someone you're going to enjoy watching play for a long, long time as a Miami Dolphin."

It didn't matter how much Cameron tried to talk up Ginn. The Dolphins fans inside the bubble would have none of it.

Most of them didn't like the pick and they weren't shy about letting their feelings known.

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