Ginn Reaction

Here's what former Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. had to say about becoming the Dolphins' 2007 first-round pick.

On whether he was surprised to be selected by the Miami Dolphins in the first round: "I had a great visit with the Miami Dolphins. I figured if it came down to it that they would take me. It's a surprise, but it's a great situation for me."

On whether he thought the Dolphins were going to select Brady Quinn: "For sure, when Brady Quinn was down and you're looking across and you know Miami is hurting for a quarterback right now. Brady Quinn is a great quarterback and just to be in competition with him and for me to beat him out -- it was a great thing from God."

On why he thinks he would be a better pick than Brady Quinn: "I don't know, I guess the coaches see something in me that they like and took it and ran with it. I just want to thank the whole coaching staff, recruiting, the war room and everybody because without them it couldn't be possible."

On what he would tell confused Dolphins fans to make them feel about him being selected in the first round: "I'm going to come in and take care of my business, be that player they want me to be and help Miami go to the next level –- have fun, learn the system and play as hard as I can."

On whether he feels pressure about coming to Miami since the fans wanted Brady Quinn: "Not at all. I'm just going to go in and take care of my business. I'm going to treat it like I was going into Ohio State. I'm going to go in and learn the system, get familiar with the offense and get ready to play football."

On the status of his foot: "The foot is going to be fine. I'm just going to take it slowly. I'm going to do rehab and do all the things that they ask me to do to be 100 percent for them. I think I will be fine."

On whether his foot is completely healed: "Not all the way."

On why he worked out on an injured foot: "I was at about 75 percent. I just wanted to show people that I could play through pain and that I can still get the job done –- to go out and do the things that I did, it was great."

On what percent healthy he is currently: "I'm probably at about 80 or 85 percent."

On what he runs the 40 in on a healthy foot: "It's something that we're going to have to wait and see."

On whether he would be healthy enough to participate in minicamp if he wasn't finishing his coursework at Ohio State: "Yes."

On how long it will be before he is 100 percent: "Right now I'm 85-90 percent. I'll let the trainers dictate when I am 100 percent."

On whether he will be 100 percent by the June minicamp: "Yes."

On whether he was surprised the Dolphins selected him at No. 9: "A little bit. There were a lot of situations and what people were saying that made me think I would go a little later."

On what he thinks he could do for the Miami Dolphins immediately: "I think I can return kicks and punts. And I can play receiver. I think I can be just like a (Devin) Hester or play receiver just like Chris Chambers or anybody else."

On what he can do to change fans' reaction to the pick: "The only thing I can do is just come in and play as hard as I can and work as hard as I can. I can't worry about how the fans feel about the pick."

On what kind of conversations he had with Cam Cameron prior to the draft: "He told me that I could contribute with kickoff and punt returns. He liked that about my game. He liked the structure I had in my family. He's known my pops (father, Ted Ginn Sr.) for years."

On when he found out he was selected by the Dolphins: "My father came in with about five or six minutes on the clock and gave me the phone and I got to talking with the guys from Miami and with about one minute left they just said, ‘Welcome to Miami,' Coach Cameron told me, ‘Welcome to Miami.' "

On what his was reaction to being told "Welcome to Miami": "Thank you, and a big grin came on my face."

On if he remembers meeting Cam Cameron with his father at age 13: "I do remember that. I was in class and I was in between classes going to the bathroom. He was at my school recruiting and my father introduced me to him. From that time he watched me on up and it's turned out to be a great situation for me."

On what he knows about Miami's quarterback situation: "I understand it and that's why I thought they were going to take Brady (Quinn)."

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