On the Mark with Green

To the surprise of many, the 2007 draft came and went without the Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs making the trade involving quarterback Trent Green. The only reason it didn't happen, of course, is that neither side was willing to budge. Our friends over at Warpaint Illustrated seem to think the Chiefs are holding all the cards in this affair, but that's just not so.

We have said this time and time and time again, but apparently it needs to be repeated. It is the Dolphins, and not the Chiefs, who hold all the leverage in this situation.

And the reason is simple: Carl Peterson can say Green is the Chiefs' starting quarterback all he wants, but that's just not the reality of the situation. The Chiefs also have the cap space to accommodate Green's $7.2 million base salary for 2007, but there probably isn't a single person in the NFL -- player, coach or executive -- who buys for a second that the Chiefs will pay it.

Not gonna happen.

The Chiefs, no matter what Peterson says, will release Green before the start of the regular season if they can't work out a trade for him.

Of course, the Dolphins would like not to have to wait to get Green on the team so he can start working with his new teamates. That's the biggest concern because learning the offense won't be an issue for Green, who worked with Cam Cameron in Washington in the mid-1990s and whose quarterback coach last year is the Dolphins' quarterback coach this year, Terry Shea.

So the logic remains that the Dolphins will throw a draft pick K.C.'s way to expedite the arrival of Green, but it won't be a premium pick. In fact, it would shock us if it was anything more than a No. 6 or No. 7, with the possibility that it could be a conditional pick based on Green's play in 2007.

The Dolphins also could wind up giving the Chiefs a player from their roster, but it certainly won't be a front-line player. Shoot, considering how desperate the Chiefs are for defensive tackles, the Dolphins should have offered them Manuel Wright instead of waiving him.

While describing the talks the Dolphins and Chiefs have held involving Green since the quarterback was put on the trading block, GM Randy Mueller said reporters "wouldn't have enough paper."

Peterson, meanwhile, said Sunday he hadn't heard from the Dolphins since the previous Thursday.

Come on, guys, get together, get something done and finally put this deal to bed. That's what's best for everybody.

But under no circumstances should the Dolphins budge and give up anything of substance. They didn't do it during draft weekend, and now is not the time to change that position.

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