Was it just me, or did anybody else have flashbacks on Sunday of the collapse at the Meadowlands during the 2000 season? There's a lot of ways to look at this 21-13 victory over the Colts, and one of them is that the Dolphins need to develop the ability to put teams away.

Linebacker Derrick Rodgers said after the game that in the NFL if you have an opponent down, you need to keep your foot on their throats to keep them down.

Totally agree.

So why didn't the Dolphins do that against the Colts on Sunday?

When the Dolphins were mixing the run and pass in the first half, they were moving the ball at will, scoring on touchdown drives of 73, 49 and 74 yards.

The one time in the first half when they ran the ball on first and second downs, a third-down completion to Dedric Ward fell 1 yard short and that forced Mark Royals' only punt of the first half.

After stopping the Colts on the first drive of the second half, the Dolphins looked to build on their 21-3 lead and were moving when Jay Fiedler threw his only bad pass of the game and it was picked off.

That was followed by the Dolphins' spirited goal-line stand, which was followed by a 20-yard gain by Ricky Williams to the 33-yard line.

But then Williams was taken out of the game for a rest and Travis Minor took his place. Minor carried for no gain on first down, then got the ball again on second down and was thrown for a 3-yard loss.

On third down, the Dolphins tried a flanker screen to Robert Edwards. He dropped the ball, which didn't matter because he wouldn't have gotten anywhere close to the first down.

That's too conservative when you're playing a team as explosive as the Colts.

The next time the Dolphins had the ball, they drove to the Colts 20-yard line and then gave the ball to Ricky Williams on three straight plays and wound up a half-yard short of the first down.

On fourth down, they elected to go for a field goal, a move that backfired when Olindo Mare missed a 29-yard attempt.

Again, too conservative.

By the time the Dolphins reverted to more diversified play-calling, the momentum had swung and the Dolphins couldn't get anything going.

We'll assign some of the blame for that on starting to worry about killing the clock rather than burying the Colts.

Ever seen the Rams try to run out the clock? No.

The Dolphins have shown early this season they can be explosive on offense. But to fully realize that potential, they absolutely need to develop more of a killer personality.

It appeared at times the last couple of years the Dolphins almost didn't want to blow opponents out and it looked that way again on Sunday.

The Dolphins were fortunate enough to make just enough plays on defense to still come out with a victory, but they might not be so lucky the next time.

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