Green Deal Soon?

We finally might be on the verge of seeing the Trent Green trade consummate, and a reason is Green's desire to take part in the Chiefs' minicamp next week. Confused? It actually makes a lot of sense.

See, the Chiefs can't prevent Green from taking part in the minicamp, scheduled to start Tuesday, if Green wants to participate because he's under contract.

But if Green were to get injured during the minicamp, a highly unlikely but not inconceivable scenario, then the Chiefs would be on the hook for his $7.2 million salary for 2007.

That's why the Chiefs want to get this deal done soon. The other part of the equation is the word is the Dolphins might be willing to budge from their offer of a sixth-round pick and go as high as a fifth-rounder.

Considering that Kansas City's current demand is believed to be a fourth-round pick, then the No. 5 pick represents a middle ground between the two sides.

Look, this deal is going to get it done and in the end both sides are going to say they got what they wanted while also having to give in at some point.

For the Dolphins, it will get them a chance to get Green involved in the June 8-10 minicamp.

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