The Dolphins have the makings of a championship team this season, but at some point they absolutely need to address their lack of depth at the cornerback position.

The Dolphins have tried since the end of last season, talking to veteran Terrell Buckley in the offseason, bringing in former first-round pick Terry Fair prior to the start of the regular season, claiming Lloyd Harrison off waivers from the San Diego Chargers.

But with Patrick Surtain a question mark for Sunday's game against the Jets, the cornerback position remains a major area of concern.

The Dolphins will bring in four players for workouts on Tuesday, and three of them are cornerbacks — Paul Miranda, Elijah Williams and William Hampton.

Other available cornerbacks include Bryant Westbrook, Tom Knight and Jimmy Hitchcock.

The bottom line is the Dolphins need to add somebody or the pass defense could wind up costing the Dolphins dearly this season.

Surtain and Sam Madison are top-notch, but there is no proven commodity behind them, as there was last season with Terry Cousin.

Jamar Fletcher has been very unimpressive, even though Coach Dave Wannstedt continues to express his support for him. Fletcher had an interception against the Colts on Sunday, but he also was torched by Marvin Harrison on more than one occasion.

Behind Fletcher, the situation is even worse.

Ray Green has been a massive disappointment since the start of training camp, this after he looked impressive during the offseason minicamps.

Harrison has yet to get on the field during a camp, and Wannstedt's patience may be running thin. Said Wannstedt: "We have to make a decision on Harrison, can he help us or can't he help us? We're at that point right now."

Now, that doesn't exactly sound like a tremendous vote of confidence, does it?

Finally, there's rookie Omare Lowe, whom the Dolphins liked at the beginning of training camp.

But he has been sidelined for over a month because of a high ankle sprain and he has fallen way behind in terms of his learning process.

An indication of how weak the cornerback position is right now is that after Surtain was injured against the Colts and Fletcher took his place in the base defense, it was safety Trent Gamble who took over as the nickel corner.

So, clearly, the Dolphins have to find cornerback help. Because they have a lot of depth at safety, maybe the Dolphins should entertain the idea of moving starting strong safety Arturo Freeman back to cornerback, a position he played in college.

Yes, it has the look of a desperate move. But these may be desperate times for the cornerback position.

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