Wilkinson on the Way Back?

Contrary to what most believed after the trade with the Denver Broncos fell apart, Dan Wilkinson might not be done in Miami after all.

Coach Cam Cameron revealed on Friday that the veteran defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson had contacted the Dolphins for the first time since Wilkinson was traded to Denver and the deal evenutally was rescinded because he never showed up to take a physical for the Broncos.

"There's some things going on that we've got to work out," Cameron said before adding that it was all he could say at the moment.

It's well known that Wilkinson, the first overall pick in the 1994 draft, is not a big fan of offseason conditioning work.

That was one of the reasons he didn't sign with the Dolphins last year until mid-August and it's believed to be the reason he didn't want to take the physical with the Broncos.

The thinking is that Wilkinson wants to be able to just show up at the start of training camp or early in training camp.

It remains to be seen whether the Dolphins' new regime will want anything to do with that kind of scenario, but it should be noted that Wilkinson is still listed on the team roster.

The Dolphins did, however, hand out Wilkinson's jersey number 95 to second-year defensive lineman Chase Page.

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