Cameron's Comments

Dolphins coach Cam Cameron tried to keep the focus on Trent Green during a Wednesday afternoon press conference, but he nonetheless did make some comments about Daunte Culpepper as well. Here is what the coach had to say about his new and soon-to-be-former quarterbacks.

 Opening remarks: "I want to take just a couple of minutes to, at first, just thank Randy Mueller. I can't tell you over the last few weeks how much effort and time has been put in to getting Trent (Green) here. I also want to thank Carl Peterson with the Chiefs. Obviously Trent has a long relationship there. I've known Carl for quite a while myself and both of those two guys, regardless of what you've read, those two guys were able to get this thing done. Trent and I go back, I think we were talking 12-13 years, and obviously we have a special relationship that I just — it's nice to have someone here that understands what this business is about. He's a hard worker. He understands what competition is about. He knows how to win in this league and as we were given the privilege to start talking several weeks ago, we started talking about hopefully this day becoming a reality and here it is. But I think again, he would agree, we both owe a lot to a lot of other people making this happen and we're both very appreciative."

On how this trade affects Daunte Culpepper: "Well, first, this press conference is about Trent (Green) and his family, Julie. Many of you will get to know their family. He's got two sons and a daughter. So we're going to keep the focus of this press conference on Trent and his family and him being here. Now, with that being said, we did meet this morning with Daunte at length. Daunte, Randy and myself and Randy and I are still working through some things and I would say by Friday we can probably lend a little more light on that subject. But today is about Trent Green being a Miami Dolphin and welcome his family here."

On what characteristics he identified in Trent Green when they were Washington: "Well, we're going way back but I believe, as many of you know and he knows, it's a leadership position. In this system guys that are extremely bright and tough and, I am probably get a little technical, that are extremely quick with the football have had a tremendous amount of success in this system. But you have to remember — and Trent was joking today with Coach (Bobby) Jackson because Trent used to be the guy that we're sitting with and say, ‘OK, Trent you go down with Coach Jackson and do the ball handling' — and again, you have so much respect for the quarterbacks in this business, especially the guys like Trent who have come up the hard way. Trent has never been given anything. He's earned everything that he's gotten in this business and I think those guys, guys that have developed like Trent has developed, they just have a resolve, they have a toughness. They have some characteristics that their teammates respond to. I can remember back, even further then when we were together in Washington, when I was an assistant coach at Michigan and I watched him take a scrawny little Indiana team up and down the field against us and I was wondering who is this guy taking these other ten guys. We were a good football team, and I just remember putting it in the back of my mind, there's just something to this guy. When he became available we picked him up in Washington. I think just that competitive toughness, that resolve goes a long, long way at that position in this business."

On why Trent Green fits this offense better than Daunte Culpepper: "As you know, I'm not a guy that compares guys. You guys know that. I mean, I don't compare guys. I've never gotten into that business. I think every guy's unique. Whatever quarterback you're dealing with, you take what he does best and you do everything you can with the people around him to help him be successful. So I've just never gone down that road because I've had, whether it be a Trent Green or an Antwaan Randle El, or whoever, Philip Rivers, 6 feet, 6-5, 6-3, 5-10, it doesn't matter. You take whatever quarterback you have and highlight the things he does best."

On how beneficial it is to have a quarterback he hand-picked for the offense: "I don't know. We didn't hand-pick Drew Brees in San Diego."

On whether it was important to make the deal now as the team heads into its last minicamp of the offseason: "We didn't have control of the timing; obviously the timing was really controlled on the other end. There was no way we could have predicted that this was when it was going to happen. When you're dealing with another team you never know. It could have been two months ago, it could have been this week, it could be month from now. So there's some coincidence involved here. There really is. You guys know me, I mean you pretty much take what you can control and find a positive way to work in it. It is positive that he's here. We have minicamp coming up that we had scheduled and a few more OTAs. I think Trent knows he can benefit from those, but had it not worked out this week it could have worked out down the road as well."

On whether he had Trent Green in mind when he took the head coaching job: "He was the quarterback of Kansas City Chiefs at that time. So a lot of things just took place over the course of time and I think in any business you need a little good fortune and obviously he becomes available and then here he is."

On whether he is concerned about the effects of Trent Green's concussion: "Well, no, number one is, I think we all kind of experienced that with him. I think everybody in this league, but competing against him and obviously he wasn't there the first time we played Kansas City, but I've seen him and he's healthy. There are no concerns on our part. I know you guys can address that with him as well, but no."

On what changed in the negotiating to get the trade completed: "I think it's like any negotiation. Again, Randy and Carl, and obviously both of them have a lot of things going on, they were just kind of working through the process. As you've heard us say, several times, this is a process. This situation was no different. Kansas City's got to do what they feel is right for them. We've got to do what we feel best serves the Miami Dolphins and getting two teams to work together sometimes just takes more time. We all know in this business everybody tends to get a little bit ahead of themselves, but Randy and I never really set any timetable with it. It was just a matter of getting it done and it's done."

On his telling Daunte Culpepper the team intends to trade him contradicts earlier remarks about Culpepper: "Well, number one, I think to say that there's not competition here because one person, one individual is not here is one way to look at it. I obviously met with Cleo Lemon this morning and you guys will get a chance to watch us practice this weekend and competition and, I believe it and I know Trent believes this, we all benefit from competition. It's good for veteran players. It's good for young players and there'll be plenty of competition."

On him saying in the past that he would not make a decision Culpepper until he was 100 percent healthy on the field: "I'm not sure I worded it quite that way. I don't know that I'd say I wouldn't make a decision and there's still some things that are taking place and again, I'll probably address that better here in a day or so because there's some things that Randy and I are working on."

On whether Culpepper participated in practice on Wednesday: "He was still in rehab, in a rehab mode today."

On whether he expects Culpepper to be in minicamp this weekend: "I think the thing that we really started off saying with this press conference is it's about Trent and Julie Green and their family. We're thrilled that Trent is here and we'll welcome his family to the Miami Dolphins and to this area and I think he spoke to that and he'll be able to handle all those questions.  Randy and I are working on some things. I'll be able to shed more light on that with the minicamp because I'm going to get a chance to visit with all of you in the minicamp this weekend and be more than happy to answer those questions starting Friday.  But today, men and ladies, is about Trent Green and his family. I think at some point in time, we've got to respect that. Let's just go in that direction, if we could."

On Trent Green being a mentor for John Beck: "Trent knows this, and I think I've talked to you guys a little bit, we've shared this a little bit, the environment we try to create in our quarterback room is one where all the guys are working together. I think that's critical. I think we don't take a starter and put him on a pedestal. We have everybody working together. Trent knows what it's like to be the fourth, then the third, then the backup and then be the starter. So he understands. He has sat in every seat in that room so he knows the value of having being a mentor, he knows the value of being able to learn from somebody else and we do, along with Terry Shea, we create that environment because every guy has got to develop the mindset that they're one step away. Now, the veteran quarterback doesn't have all this time to spend with the younger guys.  Sometimes they just need to open their eyes and it's more about what a veteran quarterback does, I've always thought, for the young guys than what he necessarily says. If a young quarterback is willing to open his eyes and just watch and study, there's nothing like a picture for a young guy to learn and I can't think of a better one than Trent."

On Terry Shea having worked with Trent Green in Kansas City: "Again, we talked about whether you call it luck, fate, good fortune, whatever you want to call it. We kind of chuckled about it. Terry Shea was hired and there was no knowledge of Trent Green being available. Then here this comes together. So obviously they have a great relationship. He can talk to you about that. I think that is a plus. Again, the Chargers, the Chiefs, the Rams, there's several teams that are running this system so there's probably a 10-15 percent difference but that will be good for he and Terry to kind of translate some of the changes that I've made over the years in the system.  So I think that's going to help us and Terry Shea will be a big part of that."

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