Culpepper's Statement

Here is a copy of the statement Daunte Culpepper handed to reporters following Saturday morning's minicamp practice. Before handing out the statement, Culpepper said he was done talking about his situation.

The Daunte Culpepper statement:

In 2004 whden I broke Dan Marino's record for total yards in a season I remember wishing that I could have done it in Miami where people would have appreciated the feat. When the opportunity came to actually come here I worked tirelessly with Randy Mueller to make sure that I would be traded to Miami and no other team. I adjusted my deal so that it would be best for the Dolphins because I wanted to be here that bad. Part of my frustration is that I now have to let go of a dream that has become a nightmare. Up until Wednesday I had every belief that I would have at least one more season to give the Dolphins organization and fans so that they could see me do what they all expected from me. Unfortunately that is not going to happen in a Dolphins uniform.

I want to thank the Dolphins organization for providing me a job while I have been in the difficult process of regaining my health from the two knee injuries. I also want to thank my former teammates for their encouragement during the long process of rehabilitation. I was looking forward to showing them my progress on the field during this mini-camp. I am especially thankful that I have had an opportunity to spend the last year with my mother here in Florida before she passed away. If that was the only reason I was traded to Miami then it was well worth the time I got to spend with her.

I am now waiting for the Dolphins management to do what is right and fair by granting my release so that I can find a team that will appreciate my talent and love for the game of football. I do not want to cause any disruption while I wait, so I will only be at the facility in order to run and lift. What happened yesterday in the team meeting and on the field was unfair to both me and my teammates. The NFLPA legal department is reviewing the situation and Gene Upshaw has encouraged me to continue to be patient and professional.

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