Newspaper and television reporters have been asking Dolphins players and coaches all week after the past meetings against the New York Jets, but the Dolphins would much prefer looking ahead.

In fact, the team held a players-only meeting, apparently called by cornerback Sam Madison, right after the 21-13 victory over Indianapolis last Sunday.

The theme was to not worry about the eight-game losing streak against the Jets, but rather focus on this year.

It's a theme that Coach Dave Wannstedt has followed up on this week. When he was asked Thursday whether he was planning on discussing with his team previous games against the Jets, Wannstedt said, "Why would Norv Turner stand in front of the offense and talk about the last five years against the Jets? He couldn't care less. Ricky Williams couldn't care less. Larry Chester, Chris Chambers, Arturo Freeman, Jay Williams, Rob Burnett couldn't care less.

"When I say something to the team, it's of the utmost importance. I wouldn't waste my time talking about stuff that the majority of the guy really couldn't care less about. The past five years are really not relevant to our guys."

Defensive end Jason Taylor went even further when he was asked about the Jets' game plan for Sunday's meeting at Pro Player Stadium.

"To tell you the truth, I could care less what they do and what they talk about up there," he said. "To me, it is not about them, it is about us. If we take care of our business and we play the way we know how to play and play for 60 minutes, there won't be any problems at all."

But there have been many problems in the past against the Jets, and the Dolphins have tried a lot of different approaches prior to the meetings against the Jets. They're hoping this one will make a difference.

But as Wannstedt said earlier this week, "To me, it all comes down to blocking and tackling."

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