Culpepper Hearing Postponed

Daunte Culpepper is going to have to wait a little longer to have his case heard, as Friday's hearing on his grievance against the Dolphins was postponed because bad weather prevented the arbitrator from flying from New York to Davie.

The new hearing has been scheduled for next Tuesday, although published reports indicate that logistic problems might interference again.

All of this isn't good news for Culpepper, who wants to be released from the Dolphins so he can shop his services somewhere else.

Culpepper's beef is that the Dolphins didn't allow him to take part in team drills in the June minicamp and refused to let him go even though he was told he no longer figures in the team's plans.

The Dolphins are trying to trade Culpepper to get at least a late-round pick instead of simply releasing him.

It's expected that a decision on Culpepper's grievance will come about two weeks after the hearing, whenever that turns out to be.

The arbitrator for Culpepper's case is John Feerick, the same man who ruled in favor of Steve McNair in his grievance against the Tennessee Titans last year. Shortly after the ruling, Tennessee traded McNair to Baltimore.

One big difference in the Culpepper and McNair cases is that the Titans barred McNair from their facility, whereas the Dolphins haven't prevented Culpepper from showing up at their facility in Davie.

Stay tuned.

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