The QB Question

You may have seen the headline or heard the comments from Cam Cameron on the quarterback situation and his stance that there would be competition at the position and he wasn't ready to name a starter yet. On the surface, it sounds like a potentially significant story, especially if you start thinking it means that Cleo Lemon has a shot to beat out Trent Green. But was it really newsworthy?

Come on, now, did you really expect Cameron to say anthing else when he was asked about the quarterback position?

Cameron made the point that it's too premature to make that kind of declaration, and it really is.

Other than to satisfy fans and the media, what purpose does it serve for him to say right off the bat that Trent Green is going to be his quarterback?

Especially after he told Lemon in the offseason that he would be given the chance to compete for the starting job.

Now, if you want Lemon to continue to progress and perhaps grow into a starting-caliber quarterback, don't you want him competing at camp as though he's fighting for the starting job as opposed to just preparing himself to be a backup?

And what if Green totally stinks up the joint in the training camp practices and the preseason games and Lemon lights it up?

Wouldn't it be a lot tougher to go with Lemon in that circumstances as opposed to the way it's being done now?

These are all the points that made it the right move for Cameron to answer the way he did. It was indeed the perfect answer.

Look, the reality of the situation is that Green logically will outperform Lemon this summer, and it's going to become totally obvious at some point that it's the only way to go. What we have to go by is the past, and Green clearly has the better resume.

In fact, based on what they've done in the past, Lemon has to clearly and badly outplay Green this summer to win the starting job. Likely? Not at all. Doubtful? Absolutely. Impossible? Not quite.

So let's say there's only a 5 percent chance that everything that happens this summer will lead Cameron and his coaching staff to conclude that Lemon is the right choice at quarterback. Shouldn't Lemon get that chance to do that instead of having Cameron anoint Green as the starter right away.

Look, it's probably a 95 percent certainty that Trent Green will be the starting quarterback for the Dolphins at the start of the 2007 season, maybe even 96 or 97 percent.

But, again, what's the hurry? Cameron saying there would be competition at quarterback was the right approach for the coach to take. It wasn't a statement that should have become a big story.

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