Ginn Is In

We never did get to find out just how serious Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga was about his threat to not play any draft pick who wasn't signed by the start of training camp because for the first time in three years the Dolphins won't have that issue this summer.

That was taken care of on Friday when first-round pick Ted Ginn Jr. came to terms on a five-year contract.

Ginn did miss the three days of rookie practices this week, but the Dolphins considered Friday the official start of camp.

The first full-squad practice will take place Saturday morning, and Ginn will be there along with the rest of his teammates.

It's a nice change after Ronnie Brown and Jason Allen both missed the start of camp the last two years, and both got off to slow starts as rookies as a result (Brown eventually came on in 2005, while Allen struggled the entire season in 2006, but that's a different story).

Coach Cam Cameron said all week the Dolphins were close to signing Ginn, and indeed reports indicated that the contract parameters pretty much had been settled early in the week and all that remained was to iron out things like incentives.

The Dolphins became the 13th team to have all of its draft picks signed, following Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Houston, San Diego, Dallas, the New York Giants, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tampa Bay and Seattle.

There was a sense the negotiations with Ginn would come to a quick conclusion after the two guys picked around him, Atlanta defensive end Jamaal Anderson and Houston defensive tackle Amobi Okoye both signed their contract.

By signing, Ginn made good on his post-draft promise that he wouldn't miss the start of training camp. He also prevented Huizenga from being put in a tough spot.

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