After setting a Dolphins record with 100-yard games in three consecutive games, Ricky Williams is well on his way to smashing Delvin Williams' team record of 1,258 yards, set in 1978.

Williams actually is on a pace to finish with 2,101 yards, which would barely miss Eric Dickerson's NFL record of 2,105 yards.

But the numbers really as secondary to what the team has been able to accomplish so far this season.

That's why Coach Dave Wannstedt was somewhat taken aback when he was asked about the possibility of Williams reaching 2,000 yards this season.

"It's ridiculous to talk about it," Wannstedt said. "Ricky's got great perspective on it. He's taking it one week at a time. Every week is a new challenge, and Ricky has been great at meeting those challenges."

The only bad news so far when it comes to Williams is that it looks early on as though his success might wind up costing the Dolphins a first-round pick next April.

Remember that as part of the deal to get Williams from New Orleans, the Dolphins sent a conditional third-round pick in the 2003 draft. That pick becomes a second-round choice if Williams rushes for 1,200 yards and it jumps to a No. 1 if Williams reaches 1,500 yards.

But that's for down the line.

For now, the Dolphins are just enjoying what Williams has been able to do.

And in case you're wondering, they're not surprised by how well he has done.

Said Wannstedt: "I've said several times you knew he was a good football player. What he's done his whole career doesn't just happen. I was excited about a month ago about what he was doing in the locker room. The weight loss has helped him, he's in really good shape, he's enjoying himself."

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