Green Moving Along

New Dolphins quarterback Trent Green hasn't looked particularly impressive so far in training camp as he continues to work on his timing with his new corps of wide receivers. But the veteran says that's just part of the process and overall he's happy with the way things are going.

"I feel good about the way everything's going," Green said Wednesday morning. "It's a learning process, not only for me, but for everybody else. Installing a new offense, getting adapted to new players, guys getting used to me and how I do things, I think considering the number of days we've been here and the number of practices we've had I think guys have adapted well and I'm excited about what lies ahead."

Green also addressed on Wednesday the comments made by Cam Cameron when he suggested there would be an open competition for the starting quarterback job between Green and Cleo Lemon.

"That's something he has been open with me since Day One," Green said. "When (Chiefs GM) Carl Peterson gave me permission to talk to other teams, and I got on the phone with Cam and that was something he was open about from the beginning."

The way Green sees it, that was totally different than what he would have been facing in Kansas City had he not been traded.

"I left because I didn't think it was going to be realistically a fair competition," Green said. "Herm (Edwards) was very vocal about wanting to go younger and the fact they asked me for a pay cut, those kinds of things. You've been around long enough you know whether it's going to be fair or if it's weighted. That's why I wanted out of that situation. This situation, Cam just said, ‘We're going to give guys reps and we're going to play the best guy.' That's what I was looking for."

Regardless of what Green says, there aren't many people who follow the Dolphins who really believe it will be anybody but Green behind center on opening day.

But that's down the road. For now, Green is trying to play catch-up and get himself up to speed with the playbook.

And, make no mistake, he is spending quite a bit of time on his own doing just that.

"Probably a couple hours a day," Green said. "I'll go back now at lunch and I'll go through my notes and I'll go through the playbook for about an hour and after meetings at night, usually before I go to bed."

That's quite a contrast for his last couple of years in Kansas City where he had grown accustomed to the offense.

"In Kansas City, I'd been there for six years, it was mainly review," Green said. "Training camp was more review. This is a little bit of review, it's just learning it with different words. With the linemen, I knew if there was a one and a three technique and the backers were bossed over and the safety was coming down, what their call was going to be. I knew what that is.

"Now, I have to learn what the call is here and what is being communicated so that I understand what they're going to do from an adjustment with different protections, and those are all part of the learning process."

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