Camp Spotlight: WR David Sutton

Training camp is a time for established veterans and high draft picks to work out the kinds and get themselves ready for the regular season. It' also a time for unheralded young players to try to catch the attention of the coaches. In this series, we spotlight some of those young players. This installment features wide receiver David Sutton.

The first thing that stands out about Sutton is how tall he is for a wide receiver. The 6-foot-6 rookie free agent is a former volleyball star who turned to football after he left high school.

Sutton, however, didn't much at UTEP, which is why he went undrafted. This was no surprise to Sutton, who didn't even bother watching the draft.

But the Dolphins saw something in Sutton, which is why they worked him out prior to the draft. After Sutton went undrafted, the Dolphins didn't hesitate to sign him.

Coach Cam Cameron said this week that Sutton is a work in progress, and it's clear that he is, but his size alone makes him very intriguing. He's a guy who could be used near the end zone for alley oops or jump balls.

Sutton obviously understands his size could wind up helping him out in the long run.

"You know what, it's a big, big advantage, long arms, jumping ability always helps," he said. "If it's up there, I'm going to get it, that's where volleyball comes in, with the hand-eye contact, with the coordination. I'm just now starting to learn how to use it a proper way."

There are a few players in the NFL who have become red-zone specialists. One of them is Malcom Floyd, who played for Cameron last year in San Diego. Sutton realizes that might be his calling early on.

"Yeah, that could be my niche," Sutton said. "Any way you can get in, you're going to try to get int. So that could be my thing to get in, for sure I'm going to do that."

The truth is Sutton is a long shot to make the roster because of his lack of game experience. But at the very least he could be somebody worth keeping on the practice squad if he shows the Dolphins enough potential to think he could someday develop into an NFL receiver.

For his part, Sutton isn't concerned about the other receivers on the team or where he might fit in.

"I can't call it," he said. "I'm trying to find my way through it, find my role. I know I can contribute, for sure. You know, it's a whole new world, the NFL. I'm blessed to be here, not playing that long, it's surprising to be here. But just fitting in, I think I can add a lot to the great receiving corps which we already have."

Despite the fact he's a long shot to make the team, Sutton has attracted a lot of media attention in the early stages of training camp, likely in part to his unique size and his unique background.

He is a prototypical training camp long shot, an undrafted free agent who has a unique quality that has gotten him a look.

"They probably wanted me to come in to get a better view of me, and in minicamps I think I did pretty good there," Sutton said of being signed by the Dolphins. "So they got a good chance to see me and now we're here. I'm trying to show something and impress them as much as I can."

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