No 'Hard Knocks' for Green

The HBO show "Hard Knocks," which provides a behind-the-scenes look at an NFL training camp, is pretty cool television. This year's edition features the Kansas City Chiefs, and the folks at HBO thought a nice story line would have been Trent Green's return to Arrowhead Stadium next Thursday night.

So the idea was presented to Green to be a part of the show, perhaps in the form of an interview or perhaps with a camera crew recording his return to Kansas City.

Either way, it won't happen because Green said, no thanks.

Green would have been a perfect subject, too, because he's a great interview and he has aspirations of a television career after his playing days are over.

But as far as Green was concerned, his focus these days is on Miami, not Kansas City.

"That's their thing they have going on, and I chose not to be a part of that because that'll just add more drama to that whole thing," Green said Thursday morning. "I'm here now, I'm a Dolphin. I want to try building relationships in this locker room and building the offense the way I know how and the way the team knows how, the way Cam (Cameron) wants it installed. There's a lot of things we've got to do here, and I don't want to get too caught up in what happened the last six years."

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