Game Preview: What to Look For

The Dolphins open their preseason schedule on Saturday night against Jacksonville, and as is always the case with those games the final score won't be nearly as important as how we get to that result. Here are some things to keep an eye on during the game.

1. The offensive line: It's no big secret that there's no spot on the team that is a bigger question mark at this point, and we'll begin getting some answers against a very good Jacksonville defensive line. We expect Drew Mormino and Rex Hadnot to start at guard and Anthony Alabi to start at right tackle, and it will be interesting to see how those guys fare against the likes of John Henderson and Marcus Stroud. L.J. Shelton also needs to have a good showing if he wants to reclaim his spot as a starter.

2. The quarterbacks: We still think there's virtually no chance for Cleo Lemon to overtake Trent Green as the starting quarterback, but it could happen if he badly outplays him throughout the preseason. And that obviously starts on Saturday. We're also anxious to see how rookie John Beck will fare against live competition.

3. Jesse Chatman: It is Chatman, and not Lorenzo Booker, who likely will be the No. 2 halfback behind Ronnie Brown this season and while we think he's going to be a solid backup, it's obviously going to make everybody feel better if he has some success in the preseason.

4. Ted Ginn Jr.: This one is pretty obvious, so there's no need to harp on it. Let's see how Ginn does both on kick returns and at wide receiver.

5. Matt Roth: The Dolphins defense is solid top to bottom, but we do have some concerns about Roth's lack of ideal size as he tries to replace Kevin Carter at defensive end. Jacksonville has a big and physical offensive line, so this will be a good first test for Roth.

6. Abraham Wright: Dolphins players are raving about the seventh-round pick's speed as a pass-rushing outside linebacker. Let's see if this translates in a game.

7. Brandon Fields: The seventh-round pick has been booming punts in practice and looks like a find, but doing it in a game is a different thing.

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