Here's a breakdown of how every unit on the Dolphins performed in the 48-30 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

QUARTERBACKS — Jay Fiedler was on his way toward having a very good afternoon until he totally fell apart in the fourth quarter. Fiedler was picked off three times in the final 15 minutes and — although the defense was more to blame for this loss — he killed any chance of a Dolphins comeback. Fiedler also looked hesitant in the pocket at times, and one wonder whether his injured right index finger was a factor. Fiedler is a quarterback who needs to play a complementary role. On Sunday, he was asked to win the game and he couldn't get it done. Grade: C

RUNNING BACKS — Ricky Williams again looked good, but he wasn't used as often as in the first three games because the Dolphins chose to come out throwing and then because they fell behind early. The one problem with Williams' performance were a couple of fumbles, one that recovered by Kansas City and another where he got a break when the officials incorrectly ruled he was down before the lost the ball. Rob Konrad was a big factor in the passing game and played well. Grade: B-

RECEIVERS — The receivers played well, despite the fact that two of Fiedler's interceptions came off tipped balls. On one, Fiedler simply overthrew Chambers and on the other he threw behind tight end Randy McMichael. Chambers put up big numbers, although Fiedler still can't connect with him on the long ball. There were no glaring dropped balls, as there had been in the first couple of games. Tight end Jed Weaver had a touchdown nullified when he was called for pass interference, although that play has gone uncalled many times. Grade: B

OFFENSIVE LINE — The Dolphins moved the ball pretty well against the Chiefs, although there were several times where Fiedler was pressured. He also wound up being sacked twice. There were some holes in the running game at times, but the pass protection wasn't as good as it needs to be. Grade: C+

DEFENSIVE LINE — The Dolphins did a wonderful of stopping Priest Holmes, who got nothing on the ground except for his 25-yard touchdown. But where the hell was the pass rush? A big reason Trent Green burned the Dolphins for over 300 yards and five touchdowns was that he usually had all day to throw. And there also were a couple of plays where the outside rushers lost containment and Green took off for long runs. Yuck! Grade: D

LINEBACKERS — Pretty much the same story as the defensive line, which means nice job against the run but rough day against the pass. The Dolphins defense was looking for somebody to make a play, but nobody came through. Zach Thomas made some tackles, but he was pretty quiet. Grade: D

SECONDARY — It needs to be said in the secondary's defense that Green's protection made things tough on them. But even then, the secondary was simply awful. Arturo Freeman couldn't have played worse if he had tried, from bad coverage to missed tackles to stupid penalties. Jamar Fletcher was badly beaten on a long pass down the sideline. Brock Marion was nowhere to be seen. Even Sam Madison looked bad on a long touchdown pass to Tony Gonzalez but he appeared to have position on Gonzalez, but let the tight end just run by him before reacting. The Dolphins really could have used Patrick Surtain on this day. Grade: D-

SPECIAL TEAMS — The Dolphins definitely won this battle. Albert Johnson had a very good day on kickoff returns. But what was he thinking when he failed to call a fair catch late in the game only to get drilled by a Kansas City Chiefs player. Olindo Mare made all his field goal attempts and Mark Royals punted well. Grade: B

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