Brown Blunder

OK, we don't want to get hysterical about this but, why, oh why, is Ronnie Brown returning kickoffs for the Dolphins? Someone please come up with a good explanation because we just can't figure it out and we also don't like Cam Cameron's rationale.

For those not aware, Brown teamed with fellow running back Jesse Chatman to return kickoffs in the first half of the Kansas City game, and Cameron said afterward those two would "probably be our return guys."

The obvious question, of course, is: What about Ted Ginn Jr. Isn't his return ability one of the reasons the Dolphins drafted him in the first round in the first place?

Well, Cameron said he wants Ginn to concentrate solely on punt returns right now, adding that it was a lot of work.

Now, that just seems very strange. Ginn did both punts and kickoff returns last year at Ohio State and was good enough at it that he had one touchdown in each.

For the record, Ginn really didn't look good returning punts against Kansas City on Thursday night and did look like someone who still has a lot to learn at the NFL level.

But we'll say it again, he needs to be the one back there returning kickoffs. It doesn't make sense to waste his game-breaking ability.

But even if Cameron sticks to his guns there and doesn't use Ginn as the kickoff returner, there is still no way, no how it should be Ronnie Brown back there.

That's just dumb. Sorry, everyything we've seen so far of Cameron has been pretty impressive, but this just doesn't cut it.

And if he has Chatman as the other kickoff returners, then it's just doubly dumb because then he's not only exposing his starting running back on special teams, but his backup as well.

We don't need to explain why it doesn't make sense to use your starting running back to return kickoffs, particularly if it's a guy who is going to carry a heavy load on offense.

Just think, when Cameron was offensive coordinator in San Diego last year, he obviously was part of the decision-making process that led the Chargers to not give LaDainian Tomlinson a single carry in last year's preseason. Worked out pretty well, wouldn't you say?

So why the total different approach with Brown?

Maybe the answer can be found in a discussion we had with running backs coach Bobby Jackson, who said he was a little disappointed at the physical condition in which Brown reported to training camp.

Maybe that's why the Dolphins have been working Brown so hard in practice, why they gave 13 carries -- a very high number for a preseason game -- against the Chiefs, and why they're saying he's now the kickoff returner.

Actually, we hope it's all part of a plan to get Brown in the best shape possible for the start of the regular season. Any other reason doesn't make sense to us.

Bottom line, if Brown is returning kickoffs when the regular season starts, we would be both surprised and disappointed.

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